I am so pleased, honored, and excited to announce Stories of Elders won the 2020 National Indie Excellence Award for US History.  This is an incredible acheivement, and I am eternally thankful to those of you that have supported this work along the way, whether by sponsoring, donating, or contributing to different stages of the work.

This award is not just an accolade.  It helps ensure the ultimate mission of this book:  to preserve the experience of the high tech revolution and its effects on society for future generations that won’t have the context for understanding our analogue past.  These paradigm shifts have befores and afters, and while they are often difficult to grasp in the moment, someone, somewhere will look back and wonder what it was like.  Stories of Elders will tell that story.

Today I am working to document the paradigm shift of COVID-19.  Another “Stories of” book is in the works, and you can interview for it.  Contribute to our future generations so they know what this was truly like.  Thank you.

PS — watch this hilarious video of my reaction just after I received the news