Ruth Harper Testimonial

Ruth Harper, a Grand Rapids native and author, tells us why she got involved with the Untold Stories Project.

Inside Scoop: What We Will Learn

The Inside Scoop on what we stand to learn from our elders.

A Typewriter’s Effect on a Child

I had the coolest experience the other day.  I had planned to have tea at my house with a friend we’ll call Leslie that afternoon, but her babysitter canceled at the last minute.  She was worried about the havoc her two boys (aged 5 and 2) would have on my home, but I told her to […]

Inside Scoop: Why must this be a national narrative?

I am adamant that this is a national narrative, not just local.  If I gather only local stories, the impact will remain local.  That won’t reach the kids on the western seaboard who need their history just as much as we do.  Here, I explain more.

Inside Scoop: What stories am I looking for?

I was asked what kinds of stories I’m looking for.  Honestly, after the first few, I stopped trying to predict what I’d find.