Stories of Elders
Episode 35 — Mershon Niesner

b. 1945
Ardmore, OK

Mershon Niesner has stayed connected with the “Stories of” project over the years.  In this first interview, she describes the changes she’s seen in the world due to the paradigm shift brought by high-tech.  Five years later, she reconnected with me to interview for my new project, “Stories of COVID™”, to describe the paradigm shift she’s witnessing in a pandemic.  Listen to that interview here:  https://anchor.fm/stories-of-covid/episodes/12–Mershon-Niesner–Stages-of-Grief-ed87bj

Stories of Elders
Episode 24 - Virginia Ann House Veren

Birmingham, AL
Born 1931

“Politics has changed… we never saw them.”

I met Ann through a stranger at a coffee shop.  That stranger, Barbara, has now become a friend.  Ann Veren was one of the first I interviewed to make the point about politics having changed due to television and radio.  Imagine voting for someone you had never seen before, whose voice you may have heard on the radio once or twice.  Today’s political landscape is very different, and we are saturated with our candidates rhetoric.

Stories of Elders
Episode 9 - Juanita Laush

Portland, OR
Born 1923

“I had to type eight carbon copies, and always at 5pm, my boss would find something to change.”

Juanita worked most her career in medicine.  She first started as a Red Cross Nurse during the War, then went on as a Medical Assistant, eventually co-authoring a textbook on X-Ray and running her own business.  Naturally, she talked a lot about how medicine has changed for the better.

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