In this Inside Scoop, I speak a little about my travel experience – specifically in disaster areas and camping / spiking out.  In fact, my travel experience has been extremely varied.  It includes sleeping on homemade bunks in an old school in Mississippi, sleeping in a tent under a busted out warehouse after Katrina, communal living (on an Air Force Base and in volunteer camps), living out of a tent on a mountain and using a pool shower to stay clean every few days, and staying in third world countries.


New Orleans, LA
Born 1945

“[I] worked on the Saturn V.  That was a rocket and a half.”

John Wilkes Booth is by far one of my favorite people.  He has a twinkle in his eye and is always trying to make someone laugh.  He is the self-proclaimed volunteer tour guide for those who came to the Greater New Orleans Area to help after Hurricane Katrina, and is full of fascinating knowledge.  In this Podcast, John tells us about the myriad experience he has had.