Stories of Elders
Episode 17 - Emma Lommasson

Missoula, MT
Born 1911

“I wish people were happier.”

It is an amazing feeling to sit across from someone who has lived more than a century.  Emma has seen — and remembers — World War One, The Great Depression, World War Two, and much more.  At the end of her interview I asked if she wanted people to know anything specific, given that she had a mic on her lapel to record it.  She started by saying she wished people were happier.

Stories of Elders
Episode 12 - Pauline Attisani

Long Island, NY
Born 1934

“It’s nice to be called … or to receive an invitation.  You’re in touch with humanity.”

Pauline is an educator who lives on Long Island.  In our interview, she discusses technology as a segregator between those who can and cannot, those who have and have not.  Find out how technology may be affecting our human connections and communication.