Kay (94) was adamant about our remembering what came before, even before the wars.

Ruth Harper, a Grand Rapids native and author, tells us why she got involved with the Untold Stories Project.

Untold Stories may offer the opportunity for others to reveal hidden truths.


Stories of Elders
Episode 10 - Sister Ardeth Plattie, OP

Baltimore, MD
Born 1936

“If life is this short, let me do it well.”

Sister Ardeth is a Dominican Nun, part of the Marywood Sisterhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Today she curates and cares for the oldest Catholic cemetery in Baltimore, as well as cultivates orchards and vegetable gardens from which 130 local families are fed.  She has led a life of activism and peace spreading, and has a lot to say about community.

Stories of Elders
Episode 1 - Virgil Westdale

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Born 1918

“It was as if the Statue of Liberty were saying, ‘Welcome home, soldier.  You won the war.  America is still free.'”

Virgil Westdale is one of my favorite people and a fellow author.  He served in the most decorated battalions during World War Two — still more decorated than any other to this day.  In this episode, he tells the story of how he got home after World War Two was over, including liberating a concentration camp.