Longmont, CO
Born 1926

“The first airplane I ever saw was an old Ford Trimotor.”

Hal Royer can trace his family back almost ten generations.  He talks vividly about the Great Depression, and what it was like to come up during the Dust Bowl.  After I interviewed him, I drove through the Rocky Mountains and Glenwood Canyon during a snowstorm!

Midland, Michigan
Born 1942

“We refrigerate our food, so we don’t have to go to the market every day… then we never see our neighbors.”

HJ Smith is a former teacher and has a reputation for a steel trap mind.  Indeed, she remembers a song she heard on the radio years ago called “Kalvinator“.  In this clip, she explains what a Kalvinator is, and how it affected neighborhoods.

New Orleans, LA
Born 1945

“[I] worked on the Saturn V.  That was a rocket and a half.”

John Wilkes Booth is by far one of my favorite people.  He has a twinkle in his eye and is always trying to make someone laugh.  He is the self-proclaimed volunteer tour guide for those who came to the Greater New Orleans Area to help after Hurricane Katrina, and is full of fascinating knowledge.  In this Podcast, John tells us about the myriad experience he has had.

Rantoul, IL
Born 1958

Hank Gamel is the Executive Director of Hope Meadows, a subsidiary of Generations of Hope.  He oversees the retirement community which partners seniors with foster families, and has a view of both sides of the human age.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Born 1936

“He templed his fingers, leaned back in his chair, and said, ‘Mrs. Lavendette, why do you reject your duty as a mother?'”

During the hour and a half I spent with Sonee, I came to believe that she is my elder self.  She fought against a lot of chauvinism, and paved the way for women in the engineering and automotive industries – all without a formal degree (she earned her Bachelors at age 55, and her Masters at 58).  You’ll love her.