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Ted Williams, who was the greatest hitter in baseball … spent time with me telling me the do’s and don’ts for a young kid.  But his team didn’t like that.

Tito Francona82 years old

I’m surrounded by technology… I lost the remote to my heater, so now I have to adjust it manually.

Brother Robert Reddington82 years old

When I went to high school, that old car wouldn’t start [in the winter].  And every day I was late to high school… I hated driving up to the front of the high school, ’cause all the kids could look out and see you coming in late.

Virginia Sears100 years old

We’ve lost the human touch.

Pauline Attisani82 years old

It was like [the Statue of Liberty] was saying, “Welcome home soldier, you won the war.  America is still free.”

Virgil Westdale97 years old

We never grew up.

Dagmar Booth70 years old

“Even in high school my goal was to go around the world, which I got to do.”

Dot Hornsby81 years old