In this Inside Scoop, I speak a little about my travel experience – specifically in disaster areas and camping / spiking out.  In fact, my travel experience has been extremely varied.  It includes sleeping on homemade bunks in an old school in Mississippi, sleeping in a tent under a busted out warehouse after Katrina, communal living (on an Air Force Base and in volunteer camps), living out of a tent on a mountain and using a pool shower to stay clean every few days, and staying in third world countries.

In this Inside Scoop, Veronica Kirin describes why interviewing in person is necessary for the success of the project.  Also, a few bloopers to keep it real.

I can’t say enough that this project is important to a lot of people – not just to myself.  A 30-second elevator pitch just doesn’t cut it.  This latest Inside Scoop better describes my feelings.

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Ruth Harper, a Grand Rapids native and author, tells us why she got involved with the Untold Stories Project.

The Inside Scoop on what we stand to learn from our elders.