Kay (94) was adamant about our remembering what came before, even before the wars.

This project isn’t just about gathering stories and creating charts and graphs – it’s about aging, our elders, remembering, preserving, and more.  So far this project has touched everyone I’ve presented it to in a different and amazing way.  Everyone finds something in it to love.  The latest Inside Scoop – what I am looking for.

I strongly believe that publishing the Untold Stories Project’s interviews in a book is the best way to go.  In this Inside Scoop, I explain why.

83 year old Owen of Holland, Michigan, had a few words to say about how the Untold Stories Project will effect future generations.

In this Inside Scoop, I speak a little about my travel experience – specifically in disaster areas and camping / spiking out.  In fact, my travel experience has been extremely varied.  It includes sleeping on homemade bunks in an old school in Mississippi, sleeping in a tent under a busted out warehouse after Katrina, communal living (on an Air Force Base and in volunteer camps), living out of a tent on a mountain and using a pool shower to stay clean every few days, and staying in third world countries.