We are so pleased to announce that Stories of Elders | The Documentary has been accepted selected a finalist at the First Time Filmmaker Showcase hosted by Lift-Off Film Festival for 2020!  This is a huge success after a wonderful 2019 focused on book tours and book award nominations.  We’re excited for the documentary to shine!  The first screenings will take place in the UK, expanding our story even further in the world.  Special thanks to David Astudillo, who put together the footage I took during the interview sessions in 2015.  He did truly masterful work, and its recognition is much deserved.

Haven’t seen the documentary, yet?  Head back to our homepage to view!

What an amazing day.  I am still reeling from the love, excitement, and gratitude received by all of you.

On September 30, 2018, I hosted a Release Party for my book, Stories of Elders, in Downtown Grand Rapids.  I was honored to host eight of the elders whom I interviewed in the book at the event, and they signed the books alongside me.  100 friends, family, and community members attended, as did FOX17 news.

We also premiered the Documentary, which was absolutely smashing.  I was delighted to hear the audience laugh, moan, and comment on the film.  Several asked for a feature length documentary, which is now being considered.  Thank you all!

I can honestly say that recording an audiobook does not come naturally to me.  However, I am honored and extremely blessed to have the support of Dan Salas of Vida Recording Studio and Video Productions.  He is so good natured that it almost doesn’t feel like work!

We are approximately halfway through the recording process.  The book is 90,000 words long, which means two weeks in the studio only puts us halfway.

I’ll be spending all week with Dan and our mutual friend, Tim Sokoloski, who is sponsoring a portion of the studio time.  I’m so thankful for their good attitudes and willingness to laugh when I just can’t make it through a sentence without messing up the words.  You can catch some of our sessions on Facebook Live.

We are announcing the Launch Party for the book very soon.  Stay tuned!

I’m proud to report that in September 2017 I signed a contract with Identity Publications.  They are a publisher out of San Diego and specialize in unique non-fiction, just like this book.  We are on track to publish the hard cover, soft cover, audio book, and eBook in mid-to-late 2018.  Stay tuned!!!

I am STOKED to make this announcement.  A couple months back I attended a writers meet and greet.  I met several local writers and handed the project’s card out, thinking nothing of it.

A day later, a young man by the name of David contacted me.  He introduced himself as a videographer, said he loves the project, and wants to make a documentary.  For free.  *thud*

I’m sure you can imagine my excitement.

Well, the documentary is under way.  He has access to 100% of the footage I took while on the national tour, and will be shooting b-roll of a few interviews I have scheduled this month.  Stay tuned for more!