Episode 11 – Richard Paquin

Tiverton, RI
Age 83

Richard Paquin is a character.  He loves telling stories, and has a warm personality.  He is the cousin-in-law of Grace Stinton, another participant in this project.  I included clips from his childhood in this podcast, mainly because I think it’s important to be able to lay a foundation for contrasting today’s life to that of the 1930’s.

Episode 10 – Sister Ardeth Plattie, OP

“If life is this short, let me do it well.”

Baltimore, MD
Aged 79

Sister Ardeth is a Dominican Nun, part of the Marywood Sisterhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Today she curates and cares for the oldest Catholic cemetery in Baltimore, as well as cultivates orchards and vegetable gardens from which 130 local families are fed.  She has led a life of activism and peace spreading, and has a lot to say about community.

Episode 9 – Juanita Laush

Portland, OR
Aged 92

Juanita worked most her career in medicine.  She first started as a Red Cross Nurse during the War, then went on as a Medical Assistant, eventually co-authoring a textbook on X-Ray and running her own business.  Naturally, she talked a lot about how medicine has changed for the better.

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Episode 8 – Madison and her Urban Farm

Portland, OR
Aged 22

Madison was so fun to live with!  I stayed with her for two days, and it was amazing.  She’s bubbly, kind, and really intelligent.  Oh, did I mention, she has five goats and several chickens?  Right downtown Portland.

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Episode 7 – David Netterfield

Rantoul, IL
Aged 77

David told me of his cherished days working with his grandfather.  They were bored, and so they talked, a lot.  Could that happen today, or do we distract ourselves with our smartphones too often?