Episode 2 – Sonee Lavendette

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Age 80

Sonee was born April 13, 1936.  During the hour and a half I spent with Sonee, I came to believe that she is my elder self.  She fought against a lot of chauvinism, and paved the way for women in the engineering and automotive industries – all without a formal degree (she earned her Bachelors at age 55, and her Masters at 58).  You’ll love her.

Recorded in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Episode 1 – Virgil Westdale

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Aged 97

Virgil Westdale is one of my favorite people and a fellow author.  He served in the most decorated battalions during World War Two — still more decorated than any other to this day.  In this episode, he tells the story of how he got home after World War Two was over, including liberating a concentration camp.