Episode 9 – Juanita Laush

Portland, OR
Born 1923

“I had to type eight carbon copies, and always at 5pm, my boss would find something to change.”

Juanita worked most her career in medicine.  She first started as a Red Cross Nurse during the War, then went on as a Medical Assistant, eventually co-authoring a textbook on X-Ray and running her own business.  Naturally, she talked a lot about how medicine has changed for the better.

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Episode 8 – Madison and her Urban Farm

Portland, OR
Born 1993

Madison was so fun to live with!  I stayed with her for two days, and it was amazing.  She’s bubbly, kind, and really intelligent.  Oh, did I mention, she has five goats and several chickens?  Right downtown Portland.

Episode 7 – David Netterfield

Rantoul, IL
Born 1938

“We knew everyone on this small street.”

David told me of his cherished days working with his grandfather.  They were bored, and so they talked, a lot.  Could that happen today, or do we distract ourselves with our smartphones too often?

Episode 6 – Hal Royer

Longmont, CO
Born 1926

“The first airplane I ever saw was an old Ford Trimotor.”

Hal Royer can trace his family back almost ten generations.  He talks vividly about the Great Depression, and what it was like to come up during the Dust Bowl.  After I interviewed him, I drove through the Rocky Mountains and Glenwood Canyon during a snowstorm!

Episode 5 – HJ Smith

Midland, Michigan
Born 1942

“We refrigerate our food, so we don’t have to go to the market every day… then we never see our neighbors.”

HJ Smith is a former teacher and has a reputation for a steel trap mind.  Indeed, she remembers a song she heard on the radio years ago called “Kalvinator“.  In this clip, she explains what a Kalvinator is, and how it affected neighborhoods.