Episode 14 – Edwin Gould

Los Angeles, CA
Born 1936

Edwin was one of my favorite surprises on this journey.  He was introduced to me via an email from his niece that found the project on Kickstarter.  She said I had to interview him because he helped engineer the first spy satellites the US Government ever built.  WOAH!

“I worked on the very first spy satellite this country ever built called ‘Corona’.  You can Google that if you want – you’ll learn all about area … photography.  You think it’s tricky to take a picture of something accurately that’s a hundred yards or more away?  The satellite’s at a hundred miles.  To take a picture of something a hundred miles away and figure out what you’re going to see and make a good photo … and clouds kind of get in the way, too.  Clouds are very uninteresting to look at.  And so there was a lot to be done about whether you turn the camera on, how do you build this thing, how do you fly it.  [It was] 13 fair years before we had success. ”  — Edwin Gould

Episode 13 – Ray Green

Detroit, MI
Born 1930

“Now, why would I want to put my life on Facebook so it could go viral?”

Ray Green lives in the suburbs of Detroit, and is a serial entrepreneur (like me!).  He used a lot of technology in his offices, but still fears it.  Hear Ray discuss growing up in the Bronx during the Great Depression and his fear of Facebook.

Episode 12 – Pauline Attisani

Long Island, NY
Born 1934

“It’s nice to be called … or to receive an invitation.  You’re in touch with humanity.”

Pauline is an educator who lives on Long Island.  In our interview, she discusses technology as a segregator between those who can and cannot, those who have and have not.  Find out how technology may be affecting our human connections and communication.

Episode 11 – Richard Paquin

Tiverton, RI
Born 1936

“That’s how I built the agency, [by going door-to-door].  You can’t do that today.”

Richard Paquin is a character.  He loves telling stories, and has a warm personality.  He is the cousin-in-law of Grace Stinton, another participant in this project.  I included clips from his childhood in this podcast, mainly because I think it’s important to be able to lay a foundation for contrasting today’s life to that of the 1930’s.

Episode 10 – Sister Ardeth Plattie, OP

Baltimore, MD
Born 1936

“If life is this short, let me do it well.”

Sister Ardeth is a Dominican Nun, part of the Marywood Sisterhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Today she curates and cares for the oldest Catholic cemetery in Baltimore, as well as cultivates orchards and vegetable gardens from which 130 local families are fed.  She has led a life of activism and peace spreading, and has a lot to say about community.