Episode 21 – Charlie Rusher

Kansas City, MO
87 Years Old

In my interview with Charlie, we discussed just about everything.  He told me how his grandmother survived two tornadoes, her witnessing slavery and slave beatings, working in coal mines, and ice delivery to keep food cool.

Episode 20 – Onalee Jean Cable

Riverview, MI
85 years old

“I grew up in the Indian Village.”

Onalee Jean Cable was my friends mother, and a member of the Sault Saint Marie Ojibwe Tribe.  She passed away only three months after I interviewed her in 2015.  She had wonderful stories to share, and a unique way of telling.  I am delighted to be able to share them with you.

Episode 19 – Adele Jones

Sparta, MI
Age 72

“Things that are saved on computers, nowadays, just might not be there.”

I met Adele Jones through Virgil Westdale, whom I also interviewed.  She is a wonderful example of intentionality with technology, not just in its use, but also in leaving behind a legacy for your family.  She is creator of the book “Lifetime Journey – Your Family Story”, which you can see her pictured with on the website episode.  In this book, the owner records important dates and places keepsakes for generations to come.  Find it on Amazon.


Episode 18 – Bob Johnson

Salt Lake City, UT
Age 80

“When I want something to have meaning, I write a letter.”

Bob Johnson is a valuable resource for understanding how technology has changed America.  His work both in industry and as a family psychologist gives him a unique perspective into changes in culture both personally and professionally.  Here he tells a heartbreaking story about a client, and gives us a glimpse into his thinking as a member of the Greatest Generation.

Episode 17 – Emma Lommasson

Missoula, MT
Age 105

“I wish people were happier.”

It is an amazing feeling to sit across from someone who has lived more than a century.  Emma has seen — and remembers — World War One, The Great Depression, World War Two, and much more.  At the end of her interview I asked if she wanted people to know anything specific, given that she had a mic on her lapel to record it.  She started by saying she wished people were happier.